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General FAQ's

Can I get your service where I live?
Is the modem rented or purchased?
I own a cable modem, can I use it?
Is the modem wireless?
Is the service portable?
How long does it take to get hooked up?
When will billing be processed?
How can I make changes to my account?
I am moving, can I keep my service?
What is VoIP? Do I need a phone line?
Can I keep my current phone number?
What are your International Long Distance rates?
What about 911?
Is this cable TV?
Will My Internet be Fast Enough?
Can I use my own PVR?
Is there a Built-In PVR feature?
Where do I find a list of available channels?

Knowledge Base

How do I connect my modem?
How do I connect my router?
How do I connect my tablet / smartphone?
My connection seems slow. What can I do?
My internet has stopped working. What can I do?
How do I connect my phone adapter?
I have no dial tone
I can call out but not receive calls.
How do I connect my CipherTV bar?
It wants me to login. What is my login info?
Tell me about the Air Mouse
Tell me about the IFR Remote
I have problems with my Xplornet system

Need Support for your Can Com Services?

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Helpful Tools for Troubleshooting Speed Issues

Are you experiencing slow WiFi Speeds?

Here is an interesting article on current WiFi Router technologies and what you can expect from your network.

There is also a short, helpful video that may help with troubleshooting some common WiFi problems.

To make it easier for you and us to diagnose connectivity issues, we have a script for obtaining all the details we need. Being a batch script, when you download it your browser will probably display a warning about being a potentially malicious script. It really isn’t. Please “Allow” or “Unblock” the script and confirm that you want to download it. “Run” or “Save” the file. If you saved it somewhere, Right-Click on it, select "Run as Administrator". You should be asked if you're certain you want to run the tool. The process may take several minutes. When finished, the script will create a text file on your desktop, named 'CanCom_Test_Result'. You can then send the contents of that text file to us via email. If it fails to create the text or if you cannot find it, the test results will also be 'copied' to your 'clipboard' and you can then 'paste' them into an email.

Download Our Connection Troubleshooting Tool