Who We Are


"Awesome, Unlimited Internet And A Fair, Affordable Price"


Our Timeline

1983 Can Com Electronics Ltd. is incorporated. Providing TV service to rural BC via C-Band Satellite and broadcast towers.
1996 Our MidBC Dial-Up Internet service is born.
1999 Can Com is one of the premier Satellite TV Dealers in Canada
2000 The first residential Satellite High Speed Internet systems enter the Canadian market. We are there.
2000 Our MidBC brand becomes a wholesaler for Telus DSL.
2005 Xplornet introduces 3G Satellite Internet to Canada. Can Com is a distributor and installation provider.
2011 We added VoIP Telephone Service to our offer.
2012 Xplornet introduces 4G Satellite Internet to Canada
2015 We become a Third Party High Speed Internet Provider (TPIA), under CRTC regulations.

Why Choose Us?  Four key points to help you decide

  Consumers perceive a risk when considering switching to a new service provider. In response, we have structured our offer to minimize or even eliminate up-front costs. Further to that, our customers are not tied to contracts and have the option to change their mind at any time.

   We are also aware of the deep trust consumers have for well established and marketed incumbents. We encourage you to research us on the web. Check the on-line reviews and see what our customers say about us to form your own opinion.

   "Don't Fix It If It Ain't Broke..."
As the saying goes. But isn't it broken when the price for the service keeps increasing just because it is that time of the year? Or when the 'New Subscriber Only' line reminds you that you have been paying full retail for how many years? Time to break the habit?

   Does a lower price mean a lesser value? Not at all. We can offer great savings to our customers due to much lower overhead and still maintain the same level of service quality you are used to.