VoIP is greater than this...

VoIP (Voice over IP) is a home phone service which uses your existing high speed Internet connection. It provides all the services of a traditional phone service with additional features.

• Use your existing cordless or corded phone.
• Does not require a computer or headset
• Many Calling Features including Caller ID, Call Waiting, Voice Mail...
• Portable. Use your VoIP Phone service wherever you have high speed internet access. Even internationally!

Keep your existing phone number!

All Our Phone Services Include The Following Call Features

Call Transfer • Do Not Disturb • Three-Way Calling • Call Return • Call Back on Busy • Advanced Voice Mail • Call Blocking • Call Waiting • Caller ID • Call Forwarding • Distinctive Ringing • Speed Dialing • Message Waiting Indication • Unlimited Calls between Clients



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ᐃ Unlimited Canada calling does not include Canadian Territories and Unlimited USA only includes Continental USA. Please ask us about our long distance rates to Canadian Territories. Unlimited International calling excludes calls to mobile phones (cell) and/or specific area codes. Unlimited calling is for personal use only. Can Com reserves the right to suspend unlimited calling service to customers using the service for commercial purposes or in an abusive manner.
* In most cases your phone number can be transfered to our service. However, we cannot guarantee this will always be the case. This is a Voice over Internet service and is not designed for or intended for Alarm Systems requiring a phone line, please check with your Alarm Monitoring Service provider.

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